Taylors First Baptist

Greenville, South Carolina

Project Details

Client: Taylors First Baptist Church

Building Area: 45,000 SF

Construction Cost: $10 Million

Delivery Method: Partnering


A Cohesive Plan

Our collaboration with Taylors First Baptist Church originally began as an overall master planning project. After being selected through an invitation only design competition, we assisted the Church in assessing their then current facilities versus anticipated needs in both the short and long terms. Consequently, a comprehensive plan of expansions and renovations was generated that integrated the spirit of our winning design entry with this newly generated data. Therefore, even if the plan is realized over decades with multiple leaderships, the end result will exhibit a cohesive design. With the plan in place, we then proceeded to make reality of the first phase of needed expansion. The resultant new facility included space for additional classrooms, youth worship, fellowship and physical fitness.