SCANA Corporate Headquarters

Cayce, SC

Project Details

Client: SCANA

Building Area: 54,000 SF

Number of Occupants: 1,400

Delivery Method: Partnering

Construction Cost: $140 Million

A Better Corporate Campus

Eighteen months after breaking ground on this 90-acre site, SCANA Corporation took occupancy of their new 540,000 SF headquarters. The campus includes five interconnected buildings supporting 1,300 employees.

On Stage

A 400-seat auditorium gives the company an excellent space to hold large meetings and presentations.

Convenience for Employees

Employees enjoy a full-service cafeteria, wellness center, and pharmacy on site.

Leveraging Natural Elements

Over 100,000 cubic yards of dirt were moved to create building pads, security berms and over five acres of ponds. Various aquatic plants were selected specifically for the purpose of performing bio-remediation of the stormwater runoff, producing water that is cleaner than when it arrived as rain.