MCA Architecture Project Receives Adaptive Use Award from Historic Columbia

A recent MCA Architecture project, Cyberwoven, received the Adaptive Use Award from Historic Columbia at the organization’s annual Preservation Awards Luncheon.

Historic Columbia hosts the Preservation Awards Luncheon annually during National Preservation Month to celebrate “[those] who champion preservation as an opportunity to support the Midlands’ economy and culture.” Cyberwoven was recognized with an Adaptive Use Award given for “structures rehabilitated with sensitivity to the historic fabric that function in a way that is different from its original intent.”

The Cyberwoven project recovered a historic storefront on Columbia’s Main Street. Once home to a bustling J.C. Penney, the building’s storefront was covered by stucco during a 1980’s renovation. The recent restoration project revealed the original brickwork and recreated the distinctive storefront. The building at 1634 Main Street now houses Cyberwoven, a web strategy, design, and development firm. Its open office concept recalls the mercantile feel of the once-bustling department store while accommodating modern office needs.

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