Architectural Design

We assist our clients in making decisions and putting plans into action that affect the way people use buildings, interior spaces and even entire cities.  We have worked on projects that involve creative partnerships, design/bid, design/build and fast-track in order to provide the proper solution for our clients.

Our approach is grounded in the understanding that architecture is always a collaborative endeavor, that the purpose of architecture is to provide support for the activities of life and that the great potential of architecture is to improve the modern workplace and enhance everyday experience.

Interior Design

MCA Interiors focuses on the interior features and functions of a building, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly and ergonomically comfortable space. Our professionals work with the owner, contractor and consultants throughout every phase of the creative process to ensure all expectations are met.

Forensic Architecture

MCA Forensics focuses on the investigation and correction of building system failures, including construction deficiencies, moisture infiltration and code compliance issues. Our professionals understand that buildings are constructed by coordinating various elements to perform their intended functions, and when details are overlooked, structures fail to meet expectations. At best, this creates an unsightly appearance; at worst, it can result in dangerous conditions. We take an objective approach to locating and determining the cause of building irregularities in order to develop the proper solutions.