Architectural Knowledge

Because of the experience and longevity of our architects, our staff truly understands the intricate details of construction and has the knowledge to build better structures, giving us a major advantage in the field.

Design and Technical Expertise

We are a unique blend of design and technical ability – we truly understand the design side AND the construction side, making us a formidable ally.  We bring the expertise needed to build the best structure possible.

Project Delivery Process

Utilizing our design, technical and management expertise, we have developed a unique management/delivery process to keep projects on track.  This multi-step process provides the framework for the design process and illustrates the detailed steps involved in each phase, ensuring the owner, architect and contractor participate as equal partners while maintaining budget and schedule constraints.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Revit building design software is specifically built for Building Information Modeling, including features for architectural design, structural and MEP engineering, and construction.  By creating the building model in 3D, we’re able to more easily see and correct any discrepancies, conflicts and clashes, allowing us to be more productive and proactive when assessing its usability.


We hang our hat on our ability to serve our clients.  The client always comes first and we always have their best interest at heart, which is the reason approximately 80% of our backlog is from existing clients.